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Meditab Intelligent Medical Software (IMS)

September 1, 2011 by Melissa Pardo
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Meditab’s Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) combine features of both electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management (PM) into one package, a so-called “electronic medical office.” It is suited for small, medium, and large medical practices and has various packages that are aimed toward specific specialties (i.e. pediatrics, OB/GYN, internal medicine, etc). Practices can choose to host the software, equipment, and servers themselves or have it remotely hosted (as a SaaS/ASP). IMS’s version 14 received the CCHIT 2011 certification for Ambulatory EMR in accordance to the federal guidelines for practices receiving the stimulus package.

IMS has a wide range of features, including appointment scheduling, patient check-in/check-out functionality, interactive voice reminder functionality, e-prescription, and letter writing capability. There is also a feature for automatically sending health maintenance reminders to patients. There is also a form filler template that can be customized with patient information (address, phone number, insurance, etc) already pre-populated. It eliminates staff data entry time and speeds up the patient check-in process (if patient is given form to fill prior to arriving at the appointment).

IMS also includes medical billing and collections functionality. It analyzes insurance claims for errors prior to sending and flags them for correction. Billing and insurance statements can be printed and even transferred to another program (such as bill flash).  Staff can track any unpaid claims or bills and can re-bill the insurance company or the patient.

Meditab’s IMS  has a scanning module as well as document management functionality. This is an important feature, especially for practices migrating from paper to EMRs. Older paper medical records, as well as patient identification and insurance cards, can be scanned and archived.  For medical practices with limited and/or busy staff, Meditab’s employees can assist in the scanning process. Once scanned, paper (and other electronic) records are organized in a “file cabinet” and filed automatically to a patient’s chart.

There is also a fax module that allows for sending and receiving electronic faxes. As the fax module is integrated with IMS, incoming faxes is automatically routed to a patient’s electronic medical record.

Another important feature is the optional Healthcare Portal – it lets patients be more proactive with their health and reduce administrative tasks for the front desk staff.  Patients can schedule appointments online, complete medical history, symptom assessment, and other forms, and request referrals and prescription renewals. They can even pay their bill through the portal as well.

Meditab offers various training methods for its EMR, such as distance learning, one-on-one training, and group training.  Prior to training, the medical practice completes the needs assessment to determine which staff members need training and the best training strategy. Ongoing training is provided through online training/webinars and workshops dedicated to specific modules. Meditab also provide technical and customer service support, as well as a data backup service, in the event that data is lost by a natural disaster or technical malfunctions.  Data is automatically backed up to a system that’s in an offsite location.

Meditab’s IMR is intended for any medical practice, regardless of size or specialty, that need to migrate to EMR and want to reduce time-consuming tasks while retaining focus on improved patient quality of care.  And it has an added bonus of allowing patients to be more in charge of their own healthcare through its Healthcare Portal, which is a feature that is available only on a few EMRs we have evaluated.

For more information on electronic medical records (EMRs), please download our free whitepaper “Electronic Medical Records: Choosing the Best System for Your Practice.”

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